Asking for plastic-free shipping

Thunderpants are doing an excellent job with plastic-free shipping

Every time I order something online, I ask for it to be sent with minimum possible plastic. The more customers ask these questions, the more vendors will listen.


Butter wrappers as baking paper

Paper butter wrappers can be used as patty pans for muffins and cupcakes

I've been keeping butter wrappers in a jar in my fridge and testing them out for several months now, and am happy to report that they work as well as baking paper for pretty much everything.

Eulogy for a Subaru

An unexpected end to years of service

In summer you were always full of sand; in winter, mud. A squashed orange crayon is smeared forever in the footwell of your back seat. Leaves and stones and desiccated flowers collected by The Kid roll around in you. Your upholstery has an extra layer of dog hair.