Eulogy for a Subaru

An unexpected end to years of service

In summer you were always full of sand; in winter, mud. A squashed orange crayon is smeared forever in the footwell of your back seat. Leaves and stones and desiccated flowers collected by The Kid roll around in you. Your upholstery has an extra layer of dog hair.


In WA? The Government wants to hear what you think about single-use plastic!

Feather and leaves on concrete footpath

The Western Australian State Government is asking for community input on single-use plastic.  If you live in WA, please take a few minutes to fill in the online survey, or you can prepare a longer submission.

DIY deodorant

Cornflour, bicarb soda, coconut oil and essential oils combine to make DIY deodorant

It's easy, quick, frugal and low-waste to make your own deodorant at home using common kitchen ingredients, and lets you know exactly what you're putting onto your skin. Here's how I do it in 5 easy steps. Plus all the things you wanted to know about DIY deodorant!