About me

Hey there, welcome!

I’m Sally.

I want to get back to basics and keep things simple.

For me that means owning less stuff, but living more fully.

Connecting with people in real life.

Exploring nature. Growing food. Caring for animals.

I choose experiences over things, farmer’s markets over supermarkets, and calm over frenetic.

I enjoy cooking real food with love and sharing it with others. And learning new things.

I’m as comfortable tramping down a bush track in my Blundstone boots as sashaying into a party in heels.

I’m a knitter who loves working with natural fibres. I’m teaching myself to mend clothes by hand-stitching and darning. I bake bread and make soap and brew kombucha.

I love big pots of tea, a good coffee, sharing a bottle of wine. Books. Road trips. Movie nights on my couch. Singing. And being with my tribe.

I’m a weaver of stories. A professional actor. And as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant I co-create beautiful, Earth-friendly elopement, wedding, memorial and naming ceremonies for eco-conscious folk. More about that on my website here and you can follow me on Insta @sallybrucecelebrant – link here

I live in Perth, Western Australia with two of my favourite people, The Man and The Kid. The Dog and The Flock make up the rest of our family.

We are just one family living on one planet – what difference can we make?

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