Little Big Things

If you’re reading this in the future, hello from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re in this together – one of the messages The Kid wrote in ochre on the footpath outside our house

In a challenging time like this, I’ve found that now, more than ever, little things have become big things.

Sliding into clean sheets. Family movie nights with popcorn. Good wine. A hot shower.

A cup of tea and books to flick through

‘Fancy Night’ where before we eat, we get dressed up, do our hair nicely, lipstick for me. The Kid sets the table with a nice tablecloth and the ‘good’ china and picks a bouquet from the garden for a vase on the table.

ochre on pavement "I miss my hugs"
I miss my hugs… another footpath message from The Kid

Listening to music. Dancing in the kitchen with The Dog barking.

The cathartic release of a good cry.

Frangipani on mulch - photo courtesy The Kid
Frangipani on mulch – photo courtesy The Kid

Going for a walk or a bike ride each day, feeling the sun on my skin and breathing the fresh air. Getting to know the local streets of my neighbourhood.

pink bogainvillea on white fence
One of the happy plants spotted on our daily walks – photo courtesy The Kid.

Chocolate. So much chocolate.

Podcasts. I’ve especially enjoyed the snap pea episodes from Too Peas in a Podcast, Chat 10 Looks 3 and the how are you doing? check ins on No Filter with Mia Freedman. I’ve found comfort in hearing that other Aussies are feeling the same as me – I’m not alone with daily tears, emotional over-eating, anxiety and broken sleep.

Yoga. Grateful that for years now I have a home practice established, thanks to Yoga with Adriene.

Couch snuggles every day

Perhaps most of all, seeing how The Dog is living her best life, with ALL HER PEOPLE home ALL THE TIME… and sometimes THREE WALKS a DAY!

…nothing to bark at right now, no laps available – hey, someone left the quilt on the couch! Woohooo!!!!!!!! zzzzzzz

I am highly aware of the privilege that lets me enjoy these ‘little big things’.

Wherever you are, whatever your situation: I hope that you are okay.

Love, Sally x

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