Microblogging on Instagram

Hi folks,

Since launching my new business back in June, I’ve been finding it tricky to keep up the regular blog posts here. When I started this blog three years ago I did weekly posts for about 18 months, then moved to fortnightly for another 18 months.

Now that I’m balancing time in the new biz creating eco-conscious marriage and other ceremonies for people, plus acting work, an office job and family life, caring for The Man, The Kid, The Dog and The Flock, as well as still doing all the things I’ve written about here like cooking from scratch to keep us in homemade yogurt, sourdough bread, pickles, bone broth, jams and sweet spreads, soap, and, you know, trying to go slow and be mindful and intentional – I’m finding I have a few too many tabs constantly open in my brain.

So while my blog is still dear to my heart (and – oh joy! still gets viewed daily by folk all over the world – hopefully it’s the useful resource I envisioned!) – I’m going to reduce the amount of posting here. I’ll still check in with updates of things you might be interested in, just not as regularly or as often.

If you feel like you’ll miss what I have to say and you’re on socials, you could come join me on Instagram. I’m posting regularly on the ‘gram and looking at this as micro-blogging – short, sharp posts, little stories, a great image or two. All spiced with the same spirit, and love of our Earth as this blog.

I’m over there at https://www.instagram.com/sallybrucecelebrant/


Sally Bruce Celebrant specialises in eco-conscious, Earth-friendly ceremonies in Perth, WA
Sally Bruce Celebrant

See you there, here or around!



Feather and leaves on concrete footpath
Black cockatoo feather

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